Geometry Dash Online

Geometry Dash Online

Geometry Dash Online is a thrilling arcade game that perfectly combines addictive soundtracks and satisfying gameplay! Can you beat the levels in one go?


Vibe with the Rhythm to Your Heart’s Content!

Give Geometry Dash Online a try if you are looking for a simple yet highly addictive game to keep your fingers nimble! With only one button, your role is to take control of the small square and lead him through a series of challenging obstacles, ranging from dangerous spikes to solid walls! Based on the popular arcade game Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Online offers all the exciting things, including the elusive gauntlets and map packs, so you will never run out of things to do! Will you be able to complete levels within your first attempt?

Geometry Dash: How It All Began

In case you didn’t know, the widely popular arcade game Geometry Dash was developed by only one individual: Robert Topala, professionally known as RobTop. Robert’s love for games, with platformers like Super Mario Bros. in particular, began in his childhood. However, he ended up not pursuing gaming and instead opted for civil engineering during his university years. Despite that, he never forgot his passion for gaming and spent his free time learning how to code games. His efforts ultimately resulted in the release of Bounce Ball Thingy in 2010, with unexpectedly positive reviews. He was determined to fully pursue a gaming career.

In 2012, RobTop Games was founded with Robert as the only member and released mobile arcade games such as Boomlings, Boomlings Matchup, and Memory Mastermind. Reigniting his love for platform games while being inspired by popular titles at the time like Bit.Trip Runner and The Impossible Game, he began the development of a new game that would soon be known as Geometry Dash. The idea of the game was simple: a one-button game with a cube that can jump and crash into obstacles. There was little to no detailed planning during its development, and Robert kept adding new features along the way until the game felt complete enough to be released.

Finally, in 2013, Geometry Dash was made available to the public and quickly gained popularity. Unfortunately, this popularity was short-lived due to it being a paid game, and RobTop wasn’t in a financial position to promote his game through advertisements. To resolve this, he added more levels to the base game while releasing Geometry Dash Lite, which also served as an ad-supported demo game. However, it was not until Update 2.0 that the game finally had its well-deserved breakthrough. With the introduction of user-created levels, players no longer had to worry about the content drought between updates. In addition, these levels continue to put the best players’ skills to extreme challenges and keep the Geometry Dash community more engaging than ever. With the grand release of Update 2.2, Geometry Dash continues to solidify its position as one of the most loved arcade games of all time.

Basic Controls

In Geometry Dash Online, the goal is for the character to reach the end of each level without crashing into any sort of obstacle. To do that, the player needs to find the right timing to make their jump with only one button. As soon as the character collides with any obstacle, the progress will reset, and the player will have to start over.

Throughout the level, the character may change into different forms, such as the Ship and Ball forms, each with its own distinctive controls using the same button. In addition, they can test their skills even further by uncovering the three Secret Coins carefully hidden in each level.

What to Play in Geometry Dash Online?

Daily Levels

Daily Levels are user-created levels that are chosen for the day to challenge all players. These levels can be of any difficulty, which determines the completion rewards. In addition, the player will receive an additional treasure box after having completed the level of the day for the first time. After 24 hours, a new level will be chosen, along with a bonus treasure box.

Practice Mode

If the levels prove to be a bit too challenging, the player can give Practice Mode a try and learn to get through tricky sections. The level begins as normal, except that checkpoints will appear automatically, or the player can also place them by themselves. While Practice Mode is great for learning the layout and obstacle placement, the player still needs to play in Normal Mode to complete the level.

Weekly Demon

In case normal levels prove to be too easy, enter the Weekly Demon! Each week, a level ranging from Easy Demon to Hard Demon will be chosen for every player to show off their skills. While the rewards for completing the level can be quite a lot, there is a reason why Demon levels are challenging for even the most skilled players!

Notable Features of Geometry Dash Online

User Levels

As the name suggests, User Levels are levels created by Geometry Dash players worldwide using the in-game editor. These levels are various in every aspect, including the level of difficulty, soundtrack, level layout, and more. What’s more, players can try out user-created levels, rate them, suggest the suitable star difficulty, and compete with other players through the leaderboard system. The most challenging and mesmerizing levels can be found in the User Levels.

Map Packs

In Map Packs, the player can have plenty of fun browsing a selection of user-created levels with similar difficulty levels and stars. As such, no matter what skill level you have, you can find amazing levels to polish your jumping skills!


Similar to Map Packs, Gauntlets offer a selection of five user-created levels, except that they have a gradually increasing level of difficulty. As such, they also need to be collected in sequential order. Currently, there are a total of 19 Gauntlets, some of which need to be unlocked.


Collectibles are forms of achievement and currency the player can receive in Geometry Dash Online. There are many types of Collectibles, such as Stars, which are available after completing a level, or the aforementioned Secret Coins. These Collectibles can be indicators of the player’s progress, currencies to unlock new icons and colors, or something to unlock the more hidden contents of the game.

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