Among Us

Among Us

Engage in exhilarating scenarios in Among Us that challenge your deception, observation, and deduction skills. Let's get started! In Among Us, players will take on the role of crew characters on a spaceship or space station. Each crew consists of members and a number of impostors called "impostors." The objective of these impostors is to sabotage spacecraft and eliminate crew members without revealing their identities. Imposters can blend in, claim to be on a mission, and strategically disrupt critical systems by sabotaging them. Unlike the impostors, the crew's goal is to accomplish a range of tasks scattered across the spacecraft to ensure its smooth operation. These duties include fixing electrical systems, diverting electricity, and cleaning vents. 

The conversation and discussion stage is a unique aspect of Among Us. When a corpse is discovered or an emergency meeting is called, players are able to engage in discussions based on their suspicions. Be cautious, since an incorrect vote may result in the elimination of an innocent crew member and give the impostor an advantage.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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