Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream is a fun game created by Nitrome in which players control an ice cream moving through a challenging maze while collecting delicious fruits.


In Bad Ice Cream, players will transform into a charming but extremely mischievous ice cream. The primary objective of the game is to gather all the fruits within the maze while evading enemy capture.

Collect fruit

There will be a variety of fruits appearing in each level of the game. They can appear anywhere on the map, and sometimes they appear over time. Players must navigate the maze to locate them. Collecting fruit not only helps players complete levels, but also helps them improve their score.

Avoid enemies

Enemies with different shapes and abilities will try to hunt your ice cream. When you meet them, your ice cream will melt. Each enemy type has a distinct movement pattern. One of them can destroy ice walls.

Outstanding features

Using ice walls is one of the special elements in Bad Ice Cream. Your ice cream has the ability to create or destroy ice walls in the maze. When creating an ice wall, the player can immediately block the enemy's path, forcing them to go in another direction or temporarily be unable to reach your ice cream. Besides, creating an ice wall can help you open up a new path of movement, making it easier to collect fruit.

The ice wall destruction feature is also very important in this game. Players can destroy previously created walls to deal with emergency situations, opening new paths to access delicious fruits.

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