Dino Jump

Dino Jump

Start racing in the desert, jump over cacti, set amazing records, and have fun with Dino Jump. This is a game inspired by Google's classic Dinosaur Game. Monochrome graphics are a special factor that helps the game attract thousands of fans from all countries around the world.

The main character in the game is a dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex, a species you often see in movies and books about dinosaurs. In the game, it runs through the desert and confronts dangerous pterodactyls. Help the dinosaur survive for as long as possible. As the game progresses, the background color will change from white to black and vice versa (symbolizing day and night).


  • Cactus: To avoid the cacti, the player needs to make the dinosaur jump over them by pressing the spacebar or up arrow.
  • Pterodactyl: To avoid flying pterodactyls, players need to turn them into ducks by pressing the down arrow key.

When the dinosaur hits one of these two obstacles, the game will end, and your score will be displayed on the screen.

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