Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry Dash Bloodbath is Geometry Dash's most popular user-level game. Riot built the game from the original game's editor feature, which has its own appealing features. This version, rated 10 stars of Extreme Demon, has challenges that accurately reflect this insane difficulty. Quick observations and timely reactions are the keys to victory. You will not let yourself be negligent in any moment or unfortunate incident that occurs.


Riot came up with the idea for the hardest user-level version at that time. However, after careful planning, the creator himself found it too difficult and seemingly insurmountable, so he came up with another project. With the participation of 10 other creators, Geometry Dash Bloodbath was completed with 11 segments each. Covering the entire adventure is a dim light, with the main track tones being black and red, creating an eerie atmosphere. The obstacles and map design are incredibly challenging. Only the most talented people and the most professional Dashers can clear this round.

Some interesting information

  • Despite being the main developer, Riot's segment only accounts for the last 2%. That means the weird hidden spike trap was this creator's idea.
  • It took Riot more than 25,000 tries to win Geometry Dash Bloodbath.
  • The first creator to beat this version was Vermillion.

All are proof of the unbelievable difficulty of this game. Join, experience, and overcome the dark map with the best skills. Can you?

How To Play

The difficulty of Geometry Dash Bloodbath is most accurately reflected in the 11 awkward segments and the surprising speed of the main object. Even though it's difficult, players only need a mouse click or spacebar to participate. A small mistake in timing also causes the round to end immediately. There have been many players who stopped at  even 98% because of hidden spikes at the end of the track. Don't hesitate; as soon as you reach the words "GG", jump up to touch the only floating heart and avoid the last trap to reach the finish line safely.