Geometry Dash Caffeine Mastah

Geometry Dash Caffeine Mastah

Geometry Dash Caffeine Mastah is a harder level created by quality creator Usermatt18. He is the creator of two famous Demon Levels: Rivals and Geometry Dash Party Dance. He creates levels with animation and sometimes uses complex, colorful designs. The "hand" symbol is a typical element when talking about this level. However, it causes negative effects during your gaming experience, so you can choose "No Hand" mode. This level includes three coins for the player to collect. The first coin is located right behind the puzzle piece when it falls. Players can jump at 33% to get above the blue pad and grab it. The second coin appears in the wave section. Players just need to ignore the blue orb at 98% and jump up to get the third coin.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play. 
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