Geometry Dash Change of Scene

Geometry Dash Change of Scene

Geometry Dash Change of Scene is an Easy Demon level created by Bli. The game has received outstanding 10-star and three-star user reviews. Geometry Dash Change of Scene first appeared in the Discord Gauntlet competition, organized by Viprin. This contest is organized to find the top 10 levels in the Geometry Dash series. Coming to this game, players will be taken on an exciting adventure as it seamlessly transitions through many different fascinating themes such as theater, movies, video games and simulations. 

By turning on alt mode at the start of the level, players will have extraordinary experiences. In this mode, players will encounter formidable bosses in many sections of the level, resulting in dynamic changes to the design and effects. While the normal mode exudes a pure fictional atmosphere, this mode will give players more realistic designs that immerse them in a captivating, immersive world.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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