Geometry Dash Chemical Dash

Geometry Dash Chemical Dash

With passion and creativity, Alex1304 created Geometry Dash Chemical Dash, an epic harder level with six stars and two user coins. When participating in this level, players will be able to visit a large factory full of modern machinery. This is one of the most beloved Sonic-style levels among the fan community. Even though the team completed this level in just 3 days, they meticulously designed every detail. This elaboration is obvious in every part of the level, from the obstacle layout to the main color. This level's theme song is a fantastic remake of Chemical Plant Zone. This remade song perfectly complements every move the player makes. The game includes a total of two user coins. The first coin on the robot is at 35%, and the second coin stops charging at 84%.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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