Geometry Dash Dance Massacre

Geometry Dash Dance Massacre

Geometry Dash Dance Massacre is an infamous Hard Demon created by Hinds in Update 2.0. This is one of the first levels created in this update. With breakneck speed and countless deadly traps, Dance Massacre will push every player's skills to the limit.

User Coins

When you must maneuver the ship through a narrow space between several obstacles, you find the first coin at 11%.

The second coin is at position 62%. To obtain it, the player needs to make a slight jump rather than holding down the orb. If the player correctly executes that small jump, a gravity portal will reroute them back to the level's normal path.

The third coin is at position 82%. Instead of dropping down and continuing along the normal route, the player must jump to get this coin.


  • It is considered by the community to be a Hard Demon but some players also consider it an "Insane Demon".
  • It is one of the creator's best-known levels, as well as one of the best Demon difficulty levels in Update 2.0.
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