Geometry Dash Electro House

Geometry Dash Electro House

Enter the electrifying realm of Geometry Dash Electro House, an Easy Demon level designed by talented creator Danolex. Danolex has been the creator of popular Geometry Dash levels for many years. His creative style has constantly changed over the years. Geometry Dash Electro House is a significant mark that affirms Danolex's talent and efforts. His style is relatively simple but perfectly synchronized. With a 10-star difficulty rating, this level will be a challenge for experienced players. 

Coin guide 

There will be a total of three coins that the player must collect in this level:

  • First coin: Click at least 30 times from 0:21-0:24
  • Second Coin: Appears at 0:43
  • Third coin: Jump at 0:56

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