Geometry Dash Elevatia

Geometry Dash Elevatia

Geometry Dash Elevatia is a Hard level rated 5 stars in difficulty, created by talented player Viprin. This is his first solo level 2.1.


The level starts with the familiar cube section. Next is the train, which has many rotating obstacles. The graphics in this section are designed quite strangely, bringing a new feeling to players. Next is the short automatic cube section from buildup to drop. The player will then enter the spider section, which features a double level, before moving on to the UFO section. Finally, the cube part plays out automatically, just like the first part of the shadow part. The level ends when the music calms down to a normal speed train sequence.

User coins

The Geometry Dash Elevatia has three user coins.

  • The first coin appears at 29% in the first spider section. The player must quickly release a dash ball to move between the two saw blades where the coin is located.
  • The second coin appears at 41% in the UFO section. It's right in front of a dangerous obstacle. To get the coin, the player must move up, but he must drop it before hitting the obstacle.
  • The third coin is at 86% in the final cube section. The player must soon let go of a dash ball and drop it to the cube's location.
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