Geometry Dash Expansion

Geometry Dash Expansion

Don't miss an excellent version of the famous Geometry Dash game known as Geometry Dash Expansion. Can you pass this 8-star rating level? This version was created by talented creator Alkali. This captivating expedition will guide you through neon-lit cities from the first moments of the game. Brave your way through a series of obstacles, from spikes to gravity gates, to complete the game's challenges. You will be extremely excited when you conquer these dangerous and bizarre obstacles. Nevertheless, avoid being excessively subjective. Every mistake costs a trip back to the starting point. Are you a member of the Geometry Dash fan community? There are many attractive versions waiting for you to discover, such as Geometry Dash Aperture, Geometry Dash Bleep Blooop, or Geometry Dash Schiarendo.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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