Geometry Dash Hi

Geometry Dash Hi

Geometry Dash Hi is an Insane Demon created by KrmaL. It is famous for its impressive effects and complex gameplay. It consists of many symmetrical double segments that are difficult to overcome.

About KrmaL

KrmaL (also known as Krazyman50) is a renowned North American player and level creator. He is considered one of the best players in Geometry Dash due to having mastered all of his Extreme Demon levels. Krazyman50's levels are known for their simple, somewhat unpolished designs, but they are also unique and impressive.


The level begins with a half-speed cube section, in which the player must try their best to jump over single-colored spikes. Next, the cube will go uphill and must pass through blue jump rings, then face three spikes immediately after.

The player will continue the game with the mini-cube component. It's pretty simple and syncs well with the music. This is one of the easiest parts of the level. At this level, robots and UFOs are considered to be the most difficult parts. After passing these two sections, the music slows down and leads to a long, repetitive flying train sequence.

Some intriguing things

  • It is one of KrmaL's levels that RiverCiver has made a Thoughts On video about.
  • It was in EricVanWilderman's 12 Demons of Christmas 2019 series, as Demon #5.
  • There are two rated remakes of this level: "BYE" by AlrexX, and "Hiii" by OrotS.
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