Geometry Dash Hoppare

Geometry Dash Hoppare

Talented Swedish player Tricipital founded Geometry Dash Hoppare in 2022. This is a true testament to the challenging nature of the Geometry Dash series. This level demonstrates the importance of consistency and the complex interaction of many different factors that require the player's precision and skill. Right from the start of the game, players have to maximize their timing skills to jump over dangerous obstacles in the game. When reaching higher levels, players will have to deal with changes in size and gravity. At the climax, players must show extreme caution by continuously jumping through rings and pads at the right time. In addition to the overall intensity of the experience, speed corridors periodically reduce speed by 20% before increasing to maximum velocity, punishing any loss of concentration. The Geometry Dash Hoppare is considered a grueling marathon that surpasses human endurance, providing a worthy challenge for those who dare to do it.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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