Geometry Dash HyperFlux

Geometry Dash HyperFlux

Geometry Dash HyperFlux is an Easy Demon created by Lemons in version 2.1 as a continuation of the Flux series. The design of the level is done in the author's typical basic style.


The level begins with the familiar cube stage, in which the player must jump onto blocks, spheres, and walls to get past saw blades and spikes. Then the speed begins to increase, and the spider phase begins with changes in size. At this point, players need to move along both sides of the tunnel to avoid saws and spikes. The game continues with a relatively simple wave section. The player flies around the inclined walls, then passes through a small gap between the surfaces.

Next, players will experience a seamless transition between each stage of the level. Initially, the player will fly on the ship, maneuvering between small spikes, before the cube jumps onto the spheres using the saw. The robot walks along platforms adorned with a blue trampoline and a green ball. Waves fly between inclined walls.

Next, the player will go into the spider section. In this part, players need to move along the walls to avoid falling on small spikes. The level ends with a jump over the spheres in the cube section.

User coins

  • The first coin lies at 31% in the block phase.
  • The second coin lies at 45% of the cube phase.
  • The third coin lies at 66% of the cube phase.
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