Geometry Dash Infiltrate

Geometry Dash Infiltrate

Prepare yourself to enter a world of challenge and exhilaration with Geometry Dash Infiltrate, a game developed by Viprin. Viprin is one of the most famous players in the Geometry Dash player community. He is renowned for his diverse creativity at custom levels and large collaborations. He has collaborated with other multi-talented creators, including Etzer, Minesap, and Glittershroom. These collaborations resulted in the birth of epic custom editions. 

The player's mission begins when the familiar cube plunges into a dark maze where there is only the dim light of neon lights. The cube will rush through a series of dangerous obstacles and switch portals in the game. Rated 7 stars for difficulty, Geometry Dash Infiltrate will challenge experienced gamers.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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