Geometry Dash Kreygasm

Geometry Dash Kreygasm

Break your limitations in Geometry Dash Kreygasm, a level with a 10-star difficulty rating. In this game, you'll guide a cube through a stunning maze of flashing neon lights. The road ahead is incredibly difficult, with gaps and obstructions at every bend. Calculate your every jump carefully! One small mistake can cause the game to stop immediately. 

There are five valuable hearts hidden in Geometry Dash Kreygasm. Find and gather them to create new routes. If you lose one heart, the other hearts will disappear, forcing you to start over. However, it doesn't stop there; collecting coins is also one of the more difficult tasks in this game. Move through a sequence of lasers and spikes to collect each coin and claim victory. Do you have the skills and perseverance to overcome all of the tasks at this level?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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