Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Geometry Dash Maze Maps is a rhythm-based motion game inspired by the series that has attracted millions of interest in Geometry Dash. You will go on a journey through obstacles in a maze with floors with many different dangers. The constant movement of the cube can cause you to become confused in unexpected situations. However, the interesting point is that you can see the entire map and how the spikes are designed. This can help you predict the actions that need to be taken by the character.


Geometry Dash Maze Maps includes five levels with a maze design of increasing difficulty. Gamers can choose any round to participate in without unlocking conditions. Each round will have a gate called the destination. Gamers successfully move to this position to win. Besides, the entire maze in the game will have countless jumping pads to help the character easily move to higher terrain. You only have one route to the finish line, so take advantage of all the features along the way to have the most efficient movements.

How To Play

You click on the screen to make the cube jump to avoid the tricky spikes. The jumping pads will help the entity fly without any additional clicks. If you want the character to jump continuously, hold down the left-click.

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