Geometry Dash Megalodon

Geometry Dash Megalodon

Geometry Dash Megalodon is an Easy Demon created and published by Subwoofer. It is the first level in the Qubert series, telling the thrilling adventure of a secret agent named Qube.


Geometry Dash Megalodon is themed around a terrifying heist, in which players are tasked with infiltrating the base of the Great White Gang's enemies (known as the Megalodon) to steal their plans. 


When Qube was hanging out in a casino, he received a call from Chel. Chel announces that Qube's mission will start in 5 minutes, and he will be late if he doesn't get there soon. Qube hesitates until Chel reminds him that he will go to prison if he doesn't carry out this mission. While Qube was on his way to complete his mission, a cube named Red and his accomplices ambushed him with a baseball bat. They also declared to Qube that “the Megalodon is impenetrable” and advised him to abandon this mission. However, as a brave agent, Qube did not give up and tried to find a way to complete his mission. At this time, he received a phone call from Chel. She has drawn up a perfect plan to complete this mission. Qube's plan involves infiltrating the secret underwater passage, stealing the plans from the warehouse, and escaping undetected.

During level

Qube followed the original plan but was discovered by the Great White Gang. While players wait for the gondola elevator to take them inside Megalodon's main base, the operator will spot them. The operator will destroy the gondola elevator at this point. Players must find a way to escape Megalodon using any means possible. The challenge doesn't stop there. As the player escapes the Megalodon in ship form, a helicopter begins chasing them. A henchman on the ship will attempt to destroy the player using Gatling guns and guided missiles. The player needs to hit the trigger orb to blow up this helicopter. The player then jumps into Chel's car and escapes from the rubble.


After Megalodon was destroyed, Chel and Qube drove away from the ruins, Qube recounted everything he had just done. However, Chel informed him that his mission had only yielded a 50% success rate, as his discovery led to the explosion of the elevator. Meanwhile, at the ruins of Megalodon, the henchman on the helicopter parachuted down, furious that he had spent a million dollars on guided missiles and still failed to defeat Qube.

Some interesting information

  • In the Geometry Dash 2021 awards, this level has received a nomination for best art.
  • It contains 11,2242 objects.
  • It is one minute and 53 seconds long.
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