Geometry Dash MeowDash

Geometry Dash MeowDash

Geometry Dash MeowDash is an interesting game that requires players to overcome several levels with many different challenges. In this game, the player controls a cube through a variety of landscapes, such as arid wastelands, rugged mountainous terrain, and vast bodies of water. Nevertheless, spiked carpets and dangerous obstacles will appear throughout your adventure. Players need precise timing and quick reflexes to avoid them. In addition, players have the opportunity to earn extra points by collecting stars and items scattered along the way. These things will enable you to customize your character through the purchase of various accessories. 

Colorful graphics create a visually stimulating environment for players. Whether you're a casual gamer or platformer enthusiast, Geometry Dash MeowDash delivers hours of unforgettable entertainment.

How To Play

  • Clicking the mouse to leap over the pointy object or control the block by using the [up] [w] [space] keys.
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