Geometry Dash Munacra

Geometry Dash Munacra

Geometry Dash Munacra is BlueRimz's entry in Hann's creator contest. This competition requires participants to redo one of their ranked levels. A remake of Hann and Mulpan's Arcanum, this level still features a space background with its multi-colored block designs. In this level, the player only has two coins to collect. The first coin is called the copper coin, which will appear in 28 seconds. This coin will not be too difficult to find. The second silver coin is not as easy to find as the first. At 46 seconds into the game, you must ignore the green orb and only use the yellow orb to activate the coin path. Using the next orbs will become more difficult because you now have a smaller size instead of your normal size. This will be an impressive remake that players cannot ignore. If you are a Geometry Dash fan, don't forget to explore some other levels like Geometry Dash Behold, Geometry Dash Effectual Prism, or Geometry Dash Alula.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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