Geometry Dash Nine Circles

Geometry Dash Nine Circles

Geometry Dash Nine Circles is a solo Hard Demon 1.9/2.0 created by Zobros. It is the most downloaded level, not included in the map pack, gloves, or Geometry Dash World. It is also one of the most iconic levels in Geometry Dash. This level uses 1.9 design and effects, especially in the wave part.


0–22%: The level starts with a relatively easy cube section. With some simple jumps and tricks, players can quickly pass this part. The difficulty then escalates as the ship doubles in speed. This section's slopes will make moving space more cramped.

22–34%: Next, the player enters a ball section involving orbs and gravity portals. In this part, there are many fake orbs; players need to time them to avoid crashing into gears and spikes.

34–39%: The level will then switch to a slow cube section. Players can pass this stage easily with two jumps. The title track's tempo then drops, signaling a significant increase in difficulty as it transitions to the waves.

39–50%: The wave section starts with a normal-sized wave section based mainly on time. At 45%, the player must traverse an invisible space on the 'slope'. At 48%, it transitions into a slow but relatively tight wave phase.

50–62%: The level switches to the upside-down wave part. At 58%, it turns into a precision-based double wave.

62–72%: The level transitions to a difficult small wave section with many slopes blocking the way. If the player is not fast enough, their character will easily collide with obstacles. The speed will decrease a bit at the end.

72–83%: The level transitions to a small upside-down wave stage, which is the hardest part of the level. It's similar to the previous mini-wave but a bit more difficult due to gravity being reversed. This then moves into a dual-wave phase that is largely memory-based.

84–100%: Finally, the level ends with a medium-difficult cube section that involves multiple jumps and timed memorization. You must also time the first orb well, as hitting it too early will cause the player to crash into the ceiling of a block.

User Coins

This level contains three user coins, of which the second coin is considered the hardest to earn.

The first coin is placed in the ball section. To get back on track, the player must dodge a yellow orb, land on fake spikes that hold coins, and transfer their gravity.

The second coin can be found in the wave section. When the player turns the wave upside down, there is a coin on the saw blade's tip. To get it, the player must time it correctly so as not to hit the saw blade.

The third coin is in the last cube. In the final second, the player must hit the edge of the second-to-last pad and bounce onto the shuttlecock. 

Nine Circles' design inspired many other users to create levels with similar visual effects, gameplay, and structure.

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