Geometry Dash Puma Dash

Geometry Dash Puma Dash

Geometry Dash Puma Dash is a Hard level that received a 5-star difficulty rating and contains three user coins. Izhar almost always creates levels that are simple and captivating in design. The Puma Dash is no exception. This level is relatively simple, both in design and gameplay. What makes this level stand out from the others is the custom game mode Izhar created at 0:13. In terms of gameplay, the level is considered a perfect combination of cube and robot.

Coins guide

First coin

This coin is almost free, so players can easily get it. At 0:09, the level will stop moving for one second, after which the trigger orb will appear above you. Using this trigger orb replaces the next spike with the coin.

Second coin

Compared to the first coin, the second coin is more difficult to collect. To obtain this coin, the player must use three trigger orbs. Furthermore, the third orb requires the player to get a green key to unlock the platform. Adding spinning blocks at 0:31 and 0:35 will make collecting coins more difficult.

Third coin

Obtaining this coin is extremely complicated. The player needs to jump into the spider gate at 0:36 to be able to get the coin at 0:38. Additional routes will make the normal copper route more confusing.

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