Geometry Dash Solitude

Geometry Dash Solitude

Welcome to Geometry Dash Solitude, an Epic Difficulty Level with an impressive four-star rating and three user coins. This design will create a more elegant and gentle feeling compared to the haste and heaviness of previous versions. Upon beginning the game, you will immediately notice a decrease in both the sound and speed, which creates the feeling of entering a peaceful dream. Nevertheless, it is one of the versions of the famous Geometry Dash game, so don't be too distracted. You can still get stuck and crash anywhere if you let your guard down and don't concentrate to complete the task. 

The difficulty of the game will gradually increase with each level, making tasks more challenging to do. In this game, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of places, from arid wastelands to rugged mountains and the vast ocean. As you move through these environments, your cube will change in both color and rhythm.

How To Play

  • Use the [up] [w] [space] keys or click the mouse to move the block quickly.
  • In ship mode, watch and make the ship move up and down easily.
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