Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast

Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast

Plunge into the vibrant geometric universe and immerse yourself in difficult challenges in the game Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast. The brilliant minds behind the game are CreatorWoomy (also known as Woom or rWoomy) and Kyhros. This is an epic Easy Demon level that has been rated 10 stars. In this game, players will be overwhelmed by the perfect combination of graphics and sound. The creators, CreatorWoomy and Kyhros, have breathed new life into Spectrum Blast, turning it into a visual spectacle. One of the most impressive elements in this game is the circle surrounding the arrows. This element, along with the color pulse movements, creates a mesmerizing audio-visual experience that will leave you in awe. The layout of blocks, decorations, and backgrounds all combine to create a unique highlight in this Easy Demon level. However, be careful in the “Wave” section; this will be a formidable challenge that will test all your skills.

How To Play

  • Use the  mouse and keyboard to play.
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