Geometry Dash SubZero 2

Geometry Dash SubZero 2

Geometry Dash SubZero 2 is an adventure game inspired by the most popular Geometry Dash series. Your journeys will continue with maps filled with deadly dangers. Conquering them is never easy, but try to get to the end. Use your ability to concentrate to judge the design of the spikes. At the same time, the most accurate mouse clicks will depend entirely on the timing of each jump.

Geometry Dash SubZero 2 includes six levels with increasing difficulty. Besides, each round also includes 3 secret coins to help you fully challenge your abilities. These items will not be located in easy-to-collect locations. When a number of lethal barriers could be enclosing your surroundings, finding and gathering enough of them will give you the most heart-stopping feelings.

How To Play

Gamers control the cube and jump onto platforms, columns, and ladders to avoid dangerous spikes. You can use the left-click to perform these command operations. Pay attention to the spots with orbs and jump pads! While the jumping pad can cause an object to fly up instantly when touched, the jumping ball will require an additional mouse click to make the entity jump.

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