Geometry Dash Time Travel

Geometry Dash Time Travel

Join the time travel adventure of Geometry Dash Time Travel, a Hard level rated 5 stars and 3 user coins. In this level, the player will encounter a series of strategically placed obstacles. To overcome these obstacles, players can sprint, jump, glide, and even defy gravity. In general, this level is relatively easy; only the UFO part at 45% is difficult to pass. This part is considered demon level.

Graphics and sound

Stunning graphics with unique designs make players unable to take their eyes off. This time, the designs reflect Peton's creative style.

Music is the element that receives the most positive reviews at this level. This level's theme song is Time Leaper by author Hinkik. This song brought back many memories of the launch of this famous game. The electronic music mixed with each action adds to the overall experience.


This level includes three user coins. These three coins will assist players in unlocking attractive features as well as new character skins.

  • First coin: slide at the bottom at 20%
  • Second coin: jump really high at 53%
  • Third coin: long jump at 94%
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