Geometry FreezeNova

Geometry FreezeNova

Geometry FreezeNova is a game of breathtaking adventures with exciting music and eye-catching visuals. Based on the Geometry Dash series, developer FreezeNova created a distinctive experience with the game. Players take on the role of a small cube and need to avoid all obstacles based on characteristic rhythmic movements. Be ready for consecutive mouse clicks when necessary; the sharpest reactions will help you.

Marvelous game modes

Geometry FreezeNova has ten levels with different fun challenges. Participating in all of these rounds will help your control abilities become more professional. So, let's take a look at these amazing levels!

  • Spikes Frenzy: This is the most basic and easiest level of the game. Let's start with this round to get familiar with the movements and how to play.
  • Glowing Boost: This round helps you practice with consecutive jumping balls. They help the entity jump further when touched. However, players still need to click one more time to make the character bounce higher.
  • Orbital Thrust: Jumping orbs will appear according to the created trajectory. Along with that comes more thorny terrain that requires you to have the most precise movements.
  • Gravity Chaos: This is possibly the hardest level of Geometry FreezeNova. Players will experience gravity upside down or moving from the terrain above.
  • Universe of Chaos: The constant change in gravity can be overwhelming. There is no other way but to practice to get used to it and overcome it.
  • Blue Rush: Similar to other rounds, but this level will be covered in blue.
  • Jumping: Moving obstacles make collisions easier.
  • Black & White: You will be taken on a journey with the simplest images.
  • Flash Frenzy: Get used to speed bumps and quickly regain control of your object. These points will take the form of directional arrows.
  • Final Lap: The combination of all elements in all previous rounds. Let's break through Geometry FreezeNova gloriously!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play. 
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