Glitch Dash

Glitch Dash

Glitch Dash will bring you the most heart-stopping journeys with breathtaking, breathtaking obstacle challenges. In case you haven't figured out how an adventure in the classic game Geometry Dash would go, this game will help you. With a thrilling first-person perspective, unexpected situations can make you overwhelmed but no less attractive. Players take turns overcoming all objects that appear on the main track and avoiding falling into deep holes.

Glitch Dash includes eight levels, with increasing difficulty in the order of the rounds. Start with Intro mode and build up to unsurpassable adventures. Besides, changing the background also makes you feel like you have conquered many locations, going through different lands.


  • Every object that appears on the main track is an obstacle. Even the blocks in this game can only be avoided, not touched.
  • The ledge changes the direction of the map. Instead of increasing speed, this feature of Glitch Dash will rotate your perspective. Without a sharp reaction, these transition segments are likely to cause unexpected incidents.

How To Play

Players use the following keys to navigate in the game:

  • UP arrow: to jump up.
  • DOWN arrow: to slide down.
  • LEFT arrow: go left.
  • RIGHT arrow: go right.
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