The Granny game is a survival horror game in which the player's task is to find a way to escape from the scary Granny. Can you complete this mission?


In the Granny game, the player assumes the role of a boy who finds himself trapped in the terrifying house of Granny. Granny is an old woman, but she has the ability to hear every noise. Please help the boy escape from the house before Granny catches him.


Players will start the game in a dark room with only a flashlight for lighting. To escape, players must use this flashlight to search for necessary objects in the house. Aside from that, players must unlock doors by solving puzzles that appear in the house. Don't forget to repair the broken car in the garage and turn it into your escape vehicle.

Be careful, because Granny will always be lurking around this house, ready to kill you at any time. If you are accidentally discovered by your grandmother, quickly find a hiding place, such as under the bed or in a closet. If she catches you, she will beat you unconscious.

Items system

To escape the scary house in Granny, players will need to search for some useful items.

  • Pliers: To cut the wires on the two door alarm lights, the player uses pliers.
  • Hammer: Use the hammer to break the wooden block under the front door.
  • Watermelon: Find the watermelon and open the guillotine to get a key or other hidden object.
  • Security lock: To unlock the safe in the basement, use the security key.
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