Minecraft is a sandbox video game released by a Swedish programmer named Markus “Notch” Person. When participating in Minecraft, players will have the opportunity to build beautiful structures simply by putting cubes together.

Game modes

There are two main game modes in Minecraft.

Survival mode

In this mode, players must collect natural resources, such as wood or stone, to build their own buildings. Players can create valuable items by combining resources, such as weapons or outfits. In addition, players can exchange goods with villagers. However, in this mode, players can only carry a certain number of items.

Creative mode

Players have an unlimited resource warehouse in this mode, enabling them to construct any structure they desire. One of the special features of this mode is that players can fly and will be attacked by any monster.

In addition to the above two modes, the game also offers a multiplayer mode that allows players to build epic projects together.


  • Passive mobs are ones that never attack or harm the player. Therefore, players can easily attack them to obtain items and food. Some creatures in this group include chicken, cow, pig, squid, and villager.
  • Neutral mobs attack players only when they are agitated. If you don't attack them, they will never harm you.
  • Tamable mobs are those that never attack the player. You can tame them and turn them into a companion for yourself.
  • Hostile mobs are extremely bloodthirsty creatures. They will attack players who come into their sight, including zombies, Chicken Jockeys, Skeletons, Spider Jockeys, Blaze, and so on.
  • Utility mobs are mobs that only attack players when they attack them.
  • Boss Mobs include Wither and Ender Dragon.
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