Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is a classic restaurant management game in which players take on the role of Roy and try to serve the best pizza to customers.


Papa's Pizzeria is part of the Papa Louie restaurant management game series. Papa Louie is a talented chef with a worldwide chain of famous restaurants. However, he was about to leave town to prepare for a special business trip. Players will have to help Papa Louie run the pizza restaurant until he returns. Players will have the opportunity to experience the entire process of running a professional store, from taking orders to baking pizza to upgrading the restaurant. Bring satisfaction to your customers. Your revenue will be evaluated based on customer satisfaction.


Receiving orders is the first task that players must perform. When customers arrive, players need to write down their requests on sticky notes to successfully complete the order. Players will then move to different stations to prepare pizza. For example, the player must put the cake in the oven, add sauce, and slice it.

How to use the stations?

Order station

This is the first station you need to be familiar with. When customers come to the restaurant, they order food. This will be where you receive orders, write them down, and remember them.

Topping Station

Upon receiving a customer's order, the player must proceed to this step to initiate the pizza-making process. Players can start by adding different sauces that customers request. Additionally, you can add meatballs, peppers, olives, and a variety of other ingredients to your pizza. They'll make your pizza more appealing.

Baking station

After finishing decorating, players must bake the pizza. Remember, every customer wants their pizza to be in the oven for a certain amount of time. Please comply with the requirements given by the customer.

Cutting station

Once the pizzas are baked, players need to cut them into small pieces and deliver them to customers.

After delivering the cake to the customer, the player will receive payment from them. Players can use this money to upgrade their restaurants and purchase necessary equipment.

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