Paper.IO 2

Paper.IO 2

Seize new territories and defeat enemies in the fascinating game 2. Each player will begin with a tiny island whose task is to make it bigger by adding areas just entered. You can completely take over someone else's territory by attacking their tail when they reveal themselves. If you see a player with a long path, take the opportunity to swiftly move in and cut off their tail. Conversely, when you go outside of your area, your tail can also be easily attacked. Other players can crash into it to eliminate you. The longer your tail is visible, the greater your chances of being destroyed by your opponents. As a consequence, you will lose all of your current territory and will need to start again. If feasible, move around the edges of the area. This will give you more cover as you stealthily move around the arena and expand your territory.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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