Pixel Shooter

Pixel Shooter

Pixel Shooter is a fighting game with exciting actions and the most intense matches. Players will play a character equipped with the most modern guns to participate in the challenge. The opponent will attack without mercy, and so will you. Shoot the most accurate rounds to destroy your opponents in the shortest amount of time. Planning strategies shouldn't take too long, or your round is over.

Pixel Shooter has a unique terrain for each fight. You will see crates full of places for players to hide. However, this hiding should only last for a short time because the enemy will constantly hunt you down. If there are no counterattacks, you will most likely lose quickly. Don't worry; the character's gun will always be fully equipped with bullets. You just need to wait a few seconds for the bullet replenishment to take place, and you can continue shooting.

Game modes

The game has two main game modes: PK mode and Fight mode. In PK mode, players can participate in one of three modes: single mode, team mode, or bomb mode. The rules are different, but the goal is still the same: defeat all enemies. Meanwhile, Fight mode has four different forms, including Space, Flag, Frag, and Zombie mode. Each round has different terrain characteristics. You will be challenged with amazing backgrounds, but don't let that make you so immersed that you don't pay attention to the main round.

Weapons and collectibles

The weapon system and items collected to upgrade in Pixel Shooter will be displayed in the Skills and Guns section right below the two game modes. Players can track the character's upgrade progress here and change weapons when possible.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.
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