Rotating Pomni

Rotating Pomni

Pomni is a well-known character in the animated film The Amazing Digital Circus. She has a timid and sensitive personality. The series revolves around the story of Pomni and five human souls who are trapped in the Amazing Digital Circus. Pomni, along with other souls, are taken on a variety of adventures in the game while attempting to save her sanity and find a route back to the real world. Timing is the key factor in this game.  

In the Otating Pomni game, the player must rotate the world around Pomni to help her collect her lost stars. Players should take some time to study each level before making their moves. Take note of the layout of obstacles, platforms, and the locations of lost stars. Don't forget, you can control the direction of gravity by rotating the game world. Falling in one direction might help Pomni build speed on higher platforms. You should wait for a suitable moment to move and avoid getting stuck or falling into dangerous areas. With more than 40 levels, Otating Pomni promises to push your thinking ability to the limit.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to control the character.
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