Run 3

Run 3

Embark on a terrifying adventure through a dangerous world in the exhilarating action game Run 3. Players must handle the little alien intelligently through a series of challenges in the game. To complete this mission, you must move along the surrounding walls to discover the safest path. How long will your aliens live?

Tip and Trick

  • The longer you hold the arrow, the higher and farther your character jumps. When facing gaps in the path, you should take small jumps to avoid them.
  • Focus on the platforms right in front of the character to establish a clear path and make sure there is enough running space.
  • You can utilize the practice mode and gather energy cells to unlock new characters.

How To Play

  • Arrows to move.
  • Space or Up arrow to jump.
  • R to reset.
  • P to pause the game.
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