Super Wario Riders

Super Wario Riders

Support Mario as he embarks on an adventure to the castle and rescues the princess from danger in Super Wario Riders. Bowser, the longtime villain, once again kidnaps the gorgeous princess. The only way to rescue her is to successfully approach the castles that appear at the end of each level. Players must overcome several challenges, collect power-ups, and defeat opponents to ensure a safe arrival at the castle. Super Wario Riders provides players with the opportunity to choose their favorite hero from Mario's loyal crew. Whether it's the brave Mario, the reliable Luigi, the energetic Toadette, or the adventurous Toad, each character has their own unique abilities and characteristics. Experience the fun and excitement of Super Wario Riders!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse or touch screen to navigate through the game and don't forget to collect coins along the way to increase your final score.
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