Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash will bring an obstacle course game with rhythmic movements mixed with the best Christmas music. Players will have an adventure in the cold winter air with roads covered with white snow. Scenes of a beautiful town appear with a warm Christmas night scene with lights and chimneys. Let those charming images attract your attention to the main round.

Will players transform into Santa Claus in Xmas Dash? Not really, because it looks like he's been packaged into a fun cube shape. Or, you can choose other skins like a winter bear, a reindeer, and so on by watching a short ad to unlock them. You will have to face a road full of dangers from a series of tricky spikes. Your mission is to jump onto platforms and orbs for safety. A complete victory will come when you collect 3 secret gift boxes during the round.

Tips and tricks

  • Completing tracks is always more important than collecting items.
  • The small pine trees on the track are all fake obstacles. Ignore them so you don't get distracted.
  • Take notes on the terrain after trying it in practice mode. You can even record rhythmic keystrokes for efficient gameplay.

How To Play

The current version of Xmas Dash has only one round with 2-star difficulty. Players can try practice mode by clicking on the candy cane icon. You use the left-click or the spacebar to control the main character.

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