Geometry Dash Auditory Avenue

Geometry Dash Auditory Avenue

Geometry Dash Auditory Avenue is the result of a collaboration between talented creators including Jasperr, NemsyLL, DubstepFanatic, Avinuu, iZeo, and Gusearth. This level is rated Harder level with 6 difficulty stars and 3 user coins. More than 40,000 objects packed into a one-minute and six-second long song will arouse your sense of excitement. Each sound signals a change in terrain that you must adapt to quickly. To win this level, you must always stay focused amidst the chaos. 

Coin guide

  • First coin: down at 0:12
  • Second coin: At 0:28
  • Third coin: At 0:52, switch gravity right before the cube portal. Coin at 0:54

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