Geometry Dash BuriaL TombS

Geometry Dash BuriaL TombS

Geometry Dash BuriaL TombS is a visual and sound breakthrough by JHYMHMHY, Dakiro, Apstrom, and Isaacpl01. This level is rated Easy Demon with a 10-star rating from users. The primary objective of the game is still to control the character to overcome obstacles, jump over gaps, and avoid collisions with dangerous obstacles. If they collide with any obstacle, the player will have to start over from the beginning. The special feature of this level is the electronic music combined with sharp visuals and bright colors, creating an engaging experience. Move rhythmically to the main song in the game, because this is the key to helping you overcome challenges easily. If you want to try a version with less difficulty, you can play some other levels, such as Geometry Dash Supersonic, Geometry Dash Maze Maps, or Geometry Dash Airborne Showdown.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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