Geometry Dash Chordy

Geometry Dash Chordy

Geometry Dash Chordy by Alkali and Netligob is a Hard level that received a 5-star difficulty rating and contains two user coins. Jump into this level now and immerse yourself in an energizing adventure!

Some details about Alkali

Alkali is one of the most well-known level creators in the Geometry Dash community. Many of his levels have been rated as Featured and have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Each level that Alkali designs brings perfect synchronization to the player community. Alkali always follows and uses the basic style at each level. More than half of the renowned creators in the community utilize this style. It can also be used by players just starting to build levels. 

Geometry Dash Chordy is the result of a collaboration between Alkali and Netligob. Netli has completed 10% of the first level. Therefore, when participating in this level, players can easily recognize the difference between the beginning and the end of the level.

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