Geometry Dash Evil

Geometry Dash Evil

Geometry Dash Evil is a pretty straightforward remake of Nine Circles, created by IiDeaychawooiI (formerly SrDeay). This level's main color is eye-catching cyan. The level has a classic slant, even if it features additional decorations like clouds, glowing stars, crystals, flames, and monsters. 75% of this level is considered Easy Demon, but every challenge will await the player in the final part.

User coins

  • The first coin sits at 37%. To collect it, the player needs to fly inside the block at the beginning of the level.
  • The second coin sits at 62%. Players only need to pass the single wave portal to collect it.
  • The third coin sits at 67%. It is collected automatically.

Some interesting information

  • Evil is one of the Nine Circles levels to feature Lenny's face.
  • Evil contains one of the shortest wave segments, lasting only 40% of the level.
  • It was one of the earlier Nine Circles levels created, but it didn't become well-known until much later.
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