Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes

Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes

Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes is an Extreme Demon created and published by UserMatt18. The final ship and small wave 38 are considered the two hardest parts of this level. The mini wave is much harder than it looks because the hitboxes are different from the block design. The train can also be choking, but it is very consistent and extremely highly rated. 


0–11%: The level begins with a cube section that moves at double speed and has numerous orb timings. This is followed by a double cube section that has a few timings, and a small cube section that is relatively simple.

11-21%: The next phase involves a relatively simple ball section. During this stage, there is a small double ball section, but it is relatively easy to overcome. Players also need to avoid a line of fake orbs at this stage. The ball part is a short train section with some tight spike gaps, and the slow cube section consists of a few orb timings.

33–43%: The player jumps into the spider section with a few fake orbs, then moves onto the only wave section of this level. Next is the robot part, in which the words “fast” briefly appear.

43-58%: Following the robot segment, a brief cube scene ensues, featuring specific dash orb timings. The next section of the ship features a small port and a gravity port in the center. The next spider section will transform into a double cube with the correct timing at around 55%.

58–70%: The next section of the cube features a fake platform, which the player must jump over. The ship section, complete with spikes and orb timins, is located behind the cube.

70–83%: The final part of the level starts as a cube with some double spikes at half-speed, along with a triple spike at normal speed at the very end. Then there is a section that combines a double cube and a double ball.

83–100%: Ultimately, the block portion is relatively brief. It then moves into the tight ship segment. This is also the hardest part of the level. 

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