Geometry Dash Fulgent

Geometry Dash Fulgent

If you are a passionate fan of Geometry Dash, you cannot ignore Destriv's Geometry Dash Fulgent. This level is rated as hard with a 5-star difficulty. Some players claim that it is more difficult than the Geometry Dash Bloodbath version. However, this assessment also depends on the player's skills and experience. Classified as a hard level, the wave part in this level is relatively easy to pass. You just need high concentration and flexible reactions; players can easily jump over it. Collecting user coins at this level is extremely complicated, with the first coin being considered the most difficult to collect.

  • First coin: Tap late at 9% for a key at 10%.
  • Second coin: Do not tap the pink orb at 24% and go up at 37%.
  • Third coin: collect the keys at 51%, 55%, 58%, and 65%–66%.

To perfect this epic level, Destriv has been constantly innovating every day. This is demonstrated through the level's impressive designs and catchy soundtrack.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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