Geometry Dash Infinite Circles

Geometry Dash Infinite Circles

Geometry Dash Infinite Circles is an Easy Demon created by Startor. Its layout is similar to a sea of fire, with lightning and strong lights. The wave part at this level has a speed that is half that of the other levels. However, this level still has some parts that challenge the player's skills.


The level starts with a familiar cube segment with some triple spikes and fake spikes. After completing this part, the player transitions to a relatively uncomfortable ship sequence with a few gravity portals and a large number of spikes. Next, the player enters an auto-cube segment, where they can smoothly jump onto the jump pads. At this point, the music starts to rise, and the player can see the text "INFINITE CIRCLES."

Subsequently, the music will fade down, and the player will enter a triple-speed wave. The initial wave seems difficult, but it gradually slows down to 10%-20% speed. At 44% of the level, the player will face gravity portals that can fling him if he gets too close to the slopes above. Next, the player will switch to an extremely easy half-speed wave. However, right after this part, the player will enter an extremely challenging dual-wave segment.

The music fades out, and the cube returns with similar features and decorations as the beginning. The level ends with a small wave, where the player only needs to move upwards. There is a grey-colored skull trigger, and if the player touches it, they will receive the final coin.


  • Geometry Dash Infinite Circles received a decoration update at the beginning of the 2.1 version to make the wave look more visually appealing.
  • It has the single longest half-speed wave stretch on the Nine Circles level, taking up nearly the entire second half of the wave segment.
  • It is the most beloved Nine Circles level in version 2.0.
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