Geometry Dash Nefarious

Geometry Dash Nefarious

Geometry Dash Nefarious is a super fast Insane level with 9 stars and 3 user coins, created by talented creator GD Lemons. The brutal level design and breakneck speed of this level will challenge the player's skills to their limits. 

Lemons’s level design style 

GD Lemons is known for its relatively complex designs, which present many challenges to players. However, the winding obstacles in GD Lemons are sure to make your hands sweat. Spinning saw blades, gravity gates, and frequent speed changes will keep players in constant trouble. Lemons' brutal designs will challenge even seasoned players. 


Under the chaos, there is meticulous synchronization tied to the driving rhythm. Some levels can make your head spin, as they are filled with complex obstacles. Make bold decisions and act quickly to complete this level perfectly.

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