Geometry Dash Overcast

Geometry Dash Overcast

Geometry Dash Overcast is an obstacle course game with impressive designs. Do you have what it takes to overcome all the challenges in this game? The goal of the game is to control your square character through a maze of sharp objects, such as spikes and saw blades. To properly complete each level, you must avoid these obstacles by jumping, sliding, and gliding over them. Compared to some other games in this series, such as Geometry Dash Change of Scene or Geometry Dash Bloodlust, the difficulty of this game is considered average. This means players of all skill levels can enjoy this game without feeling overwhelmed. The balance between challenge and accessibility makes Geometry Dash Overcast the perfect choice for players looking for a game with entertainment in mind. The first character appears in the game in the form of a small cube. However, as players progress and earn enough points, they will unlock new geometric skins. This will increase the freshness and excitement of the game. 

Besides, players can also track their position compared to other players through the in-game rankings. Achieving the highest rankings in various categories will reward players with bonuses and special icons to show off their achievements.

How To Play

  • Use the  mouse and keyboard to play.
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