Geometry Dash Silent Circles

Geometry Dash Silent Circles

The Geometry Dash Silent Circles is the result of a great collaboration between Cyrillic and Sailent. It is a silent level remake of Nine Circles, one of the most famous levels in the Geometry Dash community.

The unique features

Geometry Dash Silent Circles breaks many of the norms of Nine Circles levels. It uses the Geometrical Dominator background instead of the Theory of Everything 2 background, which is heavily used in Nine Circles and similar levels. Despite the addition of the pulse trigger in the 2.0 update, the two creators continued to utilize a neon effect and a two-color trigger. The double segment between the wave sections uses a single pulse trigger to create some blue portals.

This level gave players an extremely challenging wave section. This section offers a two-player mode, requiring the player to control both waves at the same time. In addition, sparkling blue orbs filling the hallway will throw players further.

The way parts are created in Geometry Dash Silent Circles also shows the ingenious creativity of the developers. The slopes in the ship section are made of 1.8 cubic meter technology slopes, not 1.9 cubic meters. The cube and ship parts feature fewer fakes compared to the standard Nine Circles levels. Furthermore, the implementation of neon waves uses only three color triggers instead of four.

Some Hard Demons levels

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