Geometry Dash Xstep V2

Geometry Dash Xstep V2

Geometry Dash Xstep V2 is a remake of the xStep level. It is an Easy Demon and is found in the first position in the Remix Pack 4 level set. This level's gameplay is almost the same as in the original xStep, but some moments and obstacles make it more complicated. Players need to have quick reactions to overcome challenges at this level.

Secret coins

The first coin can be found at 21% and is collected as a ship. The player must pass the third spike pit, then lower a bit to get the coin.

The second coin appears at 53% and is collected as a ship. The player needs to fly down through the crack in the building immediately after entering the tunnel for the second time. Once inside, fly up and get the second coin.

The third coin was found to open at 59%. After reaching the third gravity pad, the player only needs to jump once near the small spike. When the block falls higher, step on the force gate to get the coin.

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